Didnt get have keys for games I purchased

Purchased D2 Resurrection collectors edition which said it gave classic d2 lod but i dont have the key or ability to download through the app or site… Id like my D2 classic key or money back so I could just buy classic key from someone else. I could have been playing already if I went third party…

Where did you see that classic D2 would be immediately granted with purchase of either Diablo 2: Resurrection or the Diablo Prime Evil Collection? I’m not seeing it on the shop site.

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I did not see that on the Shop site either.

There is a bundle of D3 + D2R and even one with Cosmetics (wings and pet).

Classic D2 and LOD are a separate purchase in the Blizzard shop.

The reference to LOD in the Shop is to indicate that D2R includes both the base game and the expansion in the resurrected edition - as in they reworked both.

Hello all:

When I visit the Shop with my Starter Edition account, I see this:

When I use my normal account (where I already own Classic D2 + D2 LoD), I see this (an upgrade is available):

Do you get the same ??

The big yellow bar with “Includes Diablo II : Lord of Destruction” may be confusing the players… the same question has now popped up on Europe and has yet to be answered by Blizzard. It’s already passed 6:00 PM over there… I don’t know if it will get answered.

I would appreciate any comments you may have.

They mean that they did not just resurrect the base game, they also did LoD as part of the D2R package. The intent is to point out you don’t have to pay for D2 Resurrected AND D2 LOD Resurrected separately.

It is NOT a copy of the old original license. That would not even make sense, seeing as they can’t give you an LOD license without someone having bought Diablo 2 first.

I can see how that might be confusing though. Honestly the whole shop page for D2R is confusing. I have not totally figured it out yet either. I hope CS is prepared to field questions and deal with refunds when people realize they did not know what they were getting.

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ok - that’s what I had assumed, without having all the details… my deleted response above included :



The pricing scheme is also weird…

I get the difference between normal and Prime Evil… but why is there a CAD$9.50 rebate ($70.49 instead of $79.99) because I own both Classic D2 & D2 LoD ?

I talked to Nevalistis about it yesterday because I was lost too. She said the way the system handles the “upgrades” in particular is odd.

Right now I THINK we have the following:

  • Diablo® II: Resurrected™ $39.99 Contains
    – Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD Resurrected only
  • Diablo ® Prime Evil Collection $59.99
    – All Diablo 3 Content (D3, RoS, Necro)
    – D2R (Diablo 2 and LOD resurrected)
    – Special D2R wings and pet
  • Diablo ® Prime Evil Collection Upgrade
    – Same as above but it will adjust the price based on how much of the Diablo 3 content or D2R content you have.

I have all the D3 content so just bought the basic D2R pack. Now the upgrade shows me that I can get the wings/pet for $10.

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Those don’t factor into the price at all.

It is the D3 content (D3, RoS, and Necro), the D2R cosmetics (wings and pet) and D2R content they are basing it off of.

D2R = $40
Prime Evil Collection $60

They are charging $10 for D3 content and $10 for the wings/pet package. That is what the upgrade is working off of.

Also thank you for making me work through this. I am so glad I only got the base D2R so I can see what is left (cosmetics) to upgrade too.

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Thank you for spending the time to shed some light on this.

Have a nice day !

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So i bought the D2 (2000) for 9.99 and it says i have it but i dont know how to download it and play it and i never got a key to do so

Have you tried the Blizzard Downloads page in Account Management?

There should be a key on the Summary Page in Account management if you scroll down to the Classic games section. If not there, check your transaction history or email.