Dialo II Res and Diablo III server disconnects

I decided NOT to report this until now because I was in the middle of a move from Southern Missouri to Phx, Az. Living in So Mo, one day, about 4 weeks ago, I would get kicked off of DII Res and DIII. NOW, if this was a free game, I would not complain, but I am on a limited income and paid full for BOTH.


This forum is for community based troubleshooting for technical issues with the Blizzard Desktop Application itself. If you are experiencing issues connecting to or staying connected to specific game services you would best be served by posting in those Technical Support forums.

Or Alternately you can click on the support button at the top of the page, then select contact support to reach Blizzard support directly. Keep in mind though they will only offer localized troubleshooting for your system, client, network or local connection. They do not address potential bugs as those need to be reported on the bug report forum for that specific game.

In this case though you are experiencing connection related issues to two completely different games with two different sets of servers so I would not consider it likely to be a bug and highly recommend you utilize one of the troubleshooting contact points I mentioned above to work through the issue so you can play both of the mentioned games without issue. (Personally Iā€™d use the ticket submission instead of posting in 2 forums for what is likely the same cause of issues in both games)

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