Diablo V: Eternal

So D5 will have to break grounds that D4 and D3 have failed to do. Aswell as pay homage to the older installments of itself.

For examples with 7 installments including Hellfire/Immortal D5 will have to compete with WOW which by then will have a more advanced game play then when first released which Blizzard had been in the works of manifesting.

D5 will most likely be the same style of play but will include MMO type server styles.

Being able to choose sides between Heaven and Hell much like the Alliance Horde factions of WOW.

Playing as either Demon or Angel in an all new installment of the SIN WAR. Obviously we will most likely see Nephalim as both sides of the GREAT CONFLICT.

Which means we will need to be able to go to Heaven and Slay Imperious and a character we have yet to see in Diablo Universe which is Godhead.

I Imagine God head will most likely be reminiscent of a Buddha Elephant or large Wasp.

Representing the God head names Mammon and Metatron.

D5 will also include classless spells like the original Diablo which re-visits Tomes and a chance to cast Apocalypse once more…

You still get your class set spells but Tomes will provide a chance for all classes to experience something unique to their linear builds.

Followers would be previous hero classes not playable in D5, for example Crusader class would be a follower not a playable. And you obviously have to be in the right areas to hire said classes.

Kurast can support Witch Doctor classes aswell as Paladin and Sorcerers.

“Diablo 5: Eternal Conflict” lesser evil classes will look something like,

Barlog (Winged Demons capable of Dual Wields)

Satyr (Goatmen capable of Bows)

Succubus (Female Demons capable of Deadly Curses)

Storm Lords (Non Winged Demon capable of Wizardry)

Risen Dead (Skeletal Demons universally equipped)

And you get your choice of a human character of the playable classes that will be aligned with the forces of Hell!

The Heaven side will look something like,

Angels (Winged humans universally equipped)

Nephalim classes aligned with Heaven. One of them being the “Bounty Hunter” which will most likely focus on mixing the Assassin and Amazon.

I don’t know about anyone else but playing as Demons and slaying Godhead is what the racy title Diablo started with and will have to resurrect to continue being interesting to anyone who has been around since the original title.

Otherwise what was the point in WOW.

The Great Conflict is Eternal

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