Diablo Remastered

Diablo 1 I would like to request that it gets a Remaster on Xbox PlayStation & Switch just like the remaster of Diablo II and its expansion Lord of Destruction did I would buy it quickly and I know lots of Diablo fans would… if anyone sees this please share it on as many social media platforms as possible so the developers see it


I think it is not that simple. The Diablo I is a classic game with a very slow pace compared even with the Diablo II try to play the original and you see how slow and essentially boring it is. Even walking speed in the town is incredibly slow after an hour or so when nostalgia is wear off you realize how limited the experience is compared to the modern Diablo games. You can easily find the modified engine to run Diablo I on a modern computer and see for yourself. In terms of content Diablo, I would be about the size of 1 act of the Diablo II (slightly smaller than act 1 by the feel of it I would say) but slightly larger than Act IV of Diablo II with the very uneventful vertical dungeon to deal with the gameplay somewhat similar to the Forgotten tower in Diablo II experience with more levels. So, Blizzard, has an option ether recreate it faithfully to the original, but then people may be upset that such a small amount of content is released for a fee. It could be released as a free expansion/add-on for Diablo II resurrected or a free stand-alone game, but Blizzard does not have much insensitive to allocate the resources to the project if it will not result in massive profits. Another option would be Diablo III/IV style remaster where only voice acting and general events are related to the original game, but core game mechanics are modern and in line with would you would expect from an action RPG in 2022, it would be fun, but would not be a faithful Diablo I experience and definitely upset a lot of fans of the original. So it appears Blizzard is not interested in revisiting this old IP but rather working on the sequels/spin-offs where they have more creative freedom and don’t have so much cultural and fan luggage to think about.

I beg to differ. Diablo 1 was by far the most interesting, the most frightening, the better sounding and better playing of the series. Each level below was more terrifying than the one you left, and demons could be fast and treacherous, or they could be very aggressive, or maybe they had an extremely hard skin against most of your weapons, or be weak or strong against a certain type. Monsters even got angry and fought among themselves! The concept of the game went hand in hand with the mechanics, as you would know if you bought the game and read its manual. Its the only Diablo where terrain actually mattered, it could give you victory or death, and you had to choose where to take the fight against a powerful player or monster.

Multiplayer was easy to hack, and some player killers maxed out their stats with editors but, I could still kill them from time to time, which demonstrates that often the better strategy could win against superior but dumb force. Finally, the ending was very bleak, and you truly felt like crap when you finished the game for the first time. Diablo 1 was terrific! Hope they remaster it.