Diablo (ps1) on ps2 questions

So I want to play Diablo on the ps2, but what are some good places to look for memory cards, the game itself, and controllers? Also, I’m a little confused on if I can just use a ps1 memory card on the ps2 to play the game, or if I will need a ps2 memory card. My ps2 is a NTSC U/C region SCPH-30001 model.

Hey there. You can use a PS2 system and controller(s) to play the PS1 port of Diablo. You will need a PS1 memory card however, which you just plug into the PS2. You cannot save to a PS2 memory card.

The PS1 port of Diablo takes almost a full PS1 memory card, so make sure you have a nearly empty card to use.

You can pick up all of these things easily on eBay.