Diablo (ps1) on ps2 questions

So I want to play Diablo on the ps2, but what are some good places to look for memory cards, the game itself, and controllers? Also, I’m a little confused on if I can just use a ps1 memory card on the ps2 to play the game, or if I will need a ps2 memory card. My ps2 is a NTSC U/C region SCPH-30001 model.

Hey there. You can use a PS2 system and controller(s) to play the PS1 port of Diablo. You will need a PS1 memory card however, which you just plug into the PS2. You cannot save to a PS2 memory card.

The PS1 port of Diablo takes almost a full PS1 memory card, so make sure you have a nearly empty card to use.

You can pick up all of these things easily on eBay.


You will also need to leave the ANALOG mode OFF, unless this game FORCES 'em on. I don’t remember, it’s been about… 15-20 years since I’ve touched the PSX port?