Diablo iV - Video Stutter

After spending thousands of dollars upgrading my PC in anticipation of d4 release, I’m beyond disappointed by the poor performance on my PC. I have an i9 (3.5GHz), 64 GB RAM, and 3070Ti but I’m unable to run the game without constant screen stutter (even on low settings).

This has to be an issue with the game and not my system, because I run other games seamlessly in 4k, and don’t think this performance is as intended.

Would love for blizzard to resolve this issue prior to Open Beta. I can’t even downgrade my resolution to try to get rid of the constant stutter.

same here, stuttering :frowning:

Please use the Diablo IV forums to talk about Diablo IV…

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There is a guide on how to fix that, apparently you need to learn how to choose the best wording to find the answer your looking for, however I do not have the link saved because I am too poor to even afford an expensive computer so I didn’t bookmark it but I already read the answer and know it is out there. My poor gifted PC with minimum spec running better than yours? That my sadness and joy.

Any PC should be able to run Diablo 1 don’t know what you are doing wrong.

Try setting your mouse polling rate to 500hz and see if it smooths out for you, I had the same stupid problem and it was driving nuts for a while