Diablo IV usb port turn off during gameplay

Hi, I encountered a persistent problem, all the USB ports turn off when Diablo IV starts, sometimes it doesn’t log in at all, in other cases it disconnects everything even during the game, I disabled the disconnection of the USB ports from the settings energy saving, I have performed all the Windows 11 updates, I have deactivated the USB power delivery function in soft off state (S5) from the bios of the Asus board and activated USB host controller support but there is nothing to be done if you start the game (one time out of three) after a few minutes of playing it deactivates the ports and obviously since the keyboard and mouse are missing you can’t even exit and I am forced to do a hard reset with the power button, I also connected some USB headphones but it also deactivates those cannot be restored even by physically disconnecting the keyboard and mouse and connecting them to other USB ports. the keyboard and mouse have the RGB LEDs in the game, it also turns those off, therefore it actually cuts off the power when Diablo IV starts up. Instead, it disables them but doesn’t cut off the power. unplayable I don’t know what to do anymore it’s the only game that has problems like this