Diablo IV - No GPUs Found error [SOLVED]


I’m getting a “No GPUs found! A GPU is required to play Diablo IV. This might occur if you are currently installing GPU drivers.”

I am not installing any GPU drivers.

I’m getting the same error using Parallels.

UPDATE: Ok so it seems having dual graphic card and running Crossfire is causing the issue. I turned off Crossfire and I no longer got the error message.

Now I get this error instead:

"Your graphic drivers are out of date and do not meet the minimum requirements to run Diablo IV. Please update them and try again.

Current Version: 20.11.2
Minimum Required Version: 21.5.2"

Only issue is whenever I check for update, it says it is the most up to date version already.

Update: Seems the software that came with the graphic card for AMD (the one where you right click and appears on the right click menu) doesn’t show the most up to date for some reason.

I went to AMD’s website and downloaded their actual auto detect software for updates and it detected the latest one. After turning off Crossfire and updating to new version, I can confirm this solved the issue.

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Hey, any luck getting it work on Parallels?
I have M2

I also have the same trouble on a M2 did you solve the problem?

This is the wrong forum for issues on Diablo IV.

==> Diablo 4 Technical Issues and Feedback

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