Diablo Immortal

Hello I recently started playing Diablo Immortal - abt 3 weeks. It definitely shows it’s a product of a big studio and not some half assed indie like Jezebel or Etherium. I’ve craved true Diablo Experience on mobile for a few years. (Still enjoy D2:LoD). The classes are amazing (esp the new Blood Knight I like the voice acting, attitude and of course vampiric antihero theme).

It’s obvious you Developers have made the game to streamline gameplay as much as possible - big inventory space, no needless armor/weapon vendors, few active skills at a time - it’s mobile after all etc and I respect that.

But there have been several issues with my gameplay so far. None are gamebraking but all are quite annoying for me.

  1. Constant prompts to socket gems/join clan/warband or video recording now available encroaching my screen. Turn them off after a single view or add option to turn these off.

  2. Low quality character model in inventory - it looks blurry and way worse than world textures.

  3. Combat rating makes no sense - I see a pattern: items of higher or same base stats have lower rating even with bonus attribute such as vitality 7 vs items with lower stats (vitality 3). The idea behind combat rating is good - a single variable to guide inventory equip suggestions but something is not right in the execution. Combat rating seems randomly generated rather than one with purpose.

  4. Making me walk to Westmarch after defeating the Countess on the main quest. Even if I am next to Decard Cain I cannot continue the quest if I directly teleport to Westmarch. Still get a prompt to go in Westmarch but I’m already there! The quest tells me to use waypoint but makes me teleport back to the dark woods and walk to the area transition point and enter Westmarch that way otherwise quest is stuck.

  5. The Blood rose is too OP at second attempt to get it. 2.7M health is a bit too much. I mean it’s probably meant to be killed with a party on higher level but still… I’m a solo dungeon enjoyer. I suggest incremental increase of health with 25-50% and damage of 5-10% each time I defeat it. The first time I killed it in the main quest it had 70-75k health if I remember correctly but not millions in any case. But I had to kill it twice because of Lakrii. And the first time I was like: “are you kidding me” and on the edge to just quit but second attack paterns seemed less annoying so I stayed and killed it. Good twist! And good job not having so annoying attacks for the second part of the battle. Had a good time.

6.Before the Blood Knight update some enemies (in lairs only) spawned in walls or out of bounds. It happened rarely and only to about 10 enemies total in several lairs. It seems fixed now. Good job!

  1. In first accursed tower 2 stone guardians jist froze in place seemed immune to attacks and despawned after a few seconds (new blood knight update).

7.1. Also the lair guardian seemed to have more health and didn’t expect it to die but it died. The whole dungeon felt a bit anticlimactic to me but thats subjective. Overally liked the puzzle element and dungeon crawling though but enemies seemed unengaging. Similar premature lair guardian death has happened 2-3 more times in hidden lairs. :upside_down_face:

7.2 . And I hate when you get too far away they just return to their original position with full health. It happened a few times too. I just got a lair guardian under 1k health and it just returned to it’s original spawn point on full health. It just kept teleporting away it wasn’t my fault (big malevolent spirit type you know they teleport away from character it did this a few times and I kept chasing it). I love to mess with bosses and make them chase me and fully explore the dungeon sometimes with a boss in tow. They seem to go to their original place if they lose detection of player/get too far from spawn point. So hit and run tactics are a bit risky but should keep boss engaged so long you don’t run too far. Some bosses are plain annoying or too powerful or just spam spawn minions or I couldn’t kill minions fast enough so I feel the need to run. Especially out of health potions. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

  1. Just after Blood Knight release the animation of enemies exploding in blood and body parts seemed glitchy. Seems to be fixed now. :clap:

Alright that’s all I can remember now. Thank you for bringing this amazing game to mobile and look forward to best gameplay possible.