Diablo Immortal PC Experience (Updated.)

Normally I don’t write a lot of feedback or review posts, or posts of any kind really, and I’m unsure this is the kind of feedback you are looking for here. But I’ll take a crack at it because Diablo is a franchise I really do care about and like every other Diablo fan out there, the current iteration of Diablo Immortal has us very concerned. First off, the PC controls are pretty glitchy and at times completely cut you off from being able to cast anything until you mash a bunch of buttons. It also just can’t seem to stop finding a reason to crash you or to disconnect you from bnet.

At a core, the game is actually pretty fun, now don’t get me wrong. Don’t go into this game looking at it as the new next gen thing, but I shouldn’t have to tell you that. There’s plenty of customization to really play how you want, dungeons, raids, over world content and bosses. I have put a lot of time into the game, about half way through my play through, against my better judgement, I bought the battle pass.

That’s when the game started to crack its outer shell, it’s caps, sure you can go grind away xp somewhere in a zone if you want. But it makes almost all the other activities in the game pointless. Each week the caps reset, which means until then, if you’ve hit those caps, you don’t gain currency from doing rifts and you don’t even gain battle pass xp at a certain point, which doesn’t take too long mind you if you are a Diablo addict. Eventually the game just kind of cuts you off from doing the fun stuff by punishing you with lower rewards, or just no rewards at all.

As a free player, or even someone like myself who just bought the battlepass, there is almost zero reason to continue to play the game, other than for a temporary time waster, and to me that’s disappointing. Don’t even get me started on the legendary gems and even the normal gems, because good luck getting much progress on those without a credit card. Even with battlepass and constant dungeon grinding for normal gems, i still feel no real progress in that area. And grinding for legendary gems, well that just doesnt exist… because micro transactions for some reason were better thought of to use than even trying to give free to play or “premium” players a crack at actually getting essential pieces of gear. That’s right guys, it’s gear, or it should be anyway.

Mobile game or not this game could of spun out everyone’s heads, but instead it joined the dark side of allowing you to buy your power in order to be able to “compete”. Blizzard, please turn this game around before it’s too late, cut off these predatory micro-transactions targeting “money whales”. Not only does it target people who want to spend money, it targets people who are addicted, almost in the same way as it would affect someone with a gambling addiction. I had a lot of hope for you guys on this one, I think we all did really, but I will tell you that if I don’t see this game become an actual Diablo game instead of some indistinguishable clone that already eats peoples money on the play store… That’ll be the last time you guys ever trick me out of $15, I won’t even buy Diablo IV, please stop trying to defend what you’ve done.

Think that about does it for me. I got to Paragon 28, started farming a bit in hell 2 to see if I could get some upgrades early. Seems like every day I gain one or two levels and the game cuts me off XP with a debuff (Which is instead a buff if you are below server paragon lvl as ya all know.) and makes me work harder for things i need to in order to gain more combat power. There is absolutely no way to gain an edge on a money invested player, PvE or PvP competitive modes. Even someone like me just buying battlepass puts us far ahead of a f2p player in means of power.

Guess I’ll go play Titan Quest or something, still need to catch up on that. Good luck to you Blizzard, I hope you come to a realization soon that you are losing people, rapidly. Hopefully Immortal (and Blizzard) turns around, I’d like to be able to enjoy it again instead of complaining about the same thing everyone else is in the obvious unheard void of messages and/or videos you haven’t been viewing.

If that happens, I might think about Diablo IV. But for now, my wallet is banned from having to do anything with you guys. I probably won’t even come back to check on this post, there is really no point in even posting any of this. I see that now and man it’s sad, I feel bad for all the awesome people at Blizzard that had no control over these kind of decisions that were made.

Fun while it lasted, but Immortal pretty much accidentally on purpose decapitated itself.


Hello Kagero -

I completely agree with you. The PC, while still in beta, is very glitchy and frustrating to play. The only thing I like about this game is the story. But otherwise it is not really fun. I really wish they would have made this a standalone game. Or at least made the monetization only for cosmetics, pets, etc. and not power. Too bad. I love Diablo but this is a disappointment


Im actually enjoying the game, But yeah the micro transactions sure is not a great thing, but most mobile games do it and it the same manner, this game was not intended to be on PC and if it wasn’t released on PC i’m sure it wouldn’t have received the same kind of hate its getting, the entire PC version was what, 3 - 4 months in the making so of course you’ll see some bugs or incomplete things.

Idk, so far being free to play side of things, I’m liking it, and I wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks later on. The only thing I personally hate is how you can’t change the resolution on the PC side of things but hopefully that will improve.

Now in Diablo 4 ended up like this, I might then agree with them people since that game wasn’t made be played on mobile.

To each their own.

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Just because a game is made for mobile doesn’t mean it has to follow the same disgusting trends. You think POE Mobile is gonna be like this? If they released Diablo Immortal with cosmetic micro-transactions only and a battle pass for like 10 or 15 bucks or something, people would of been happy. But nope, instead they decided to sell you 3 battle passes, sell you rifts and sell you gems. Sell you, sell you, sell you.

Let’s compare this to something else that isn’t a game, say you go to a restaurant okay? You order a steak dinner, comes with mash potato and green beans, soup of the day, bread rolls and a drink. Say this meal cost you 25$. Your meal gets brought to your table and you grub and leave a tip as you leave.

Now, you go into Blizzards restaurant and order that same steak dinner. Only here it’s brought to you with half the steak missing. You ask the waiter what this is about and he tells you that you bought the beginners meal, for an extra 20 dollars you can unlock the rest of your steak. Then you notice, they never brought you your drink, and you call the waiter back. He informs you that if you are thirsty you can have unlimited refills for the day for $7.99 with your first drink free. So reluctantly you spend the extra $28 to unlock the rest of your meal and your drink. Now that all this crazyness is over you can finally enjoy your meal… but wait, no knife and fork? Uh oh… that’s gonna cost you, a napkin? Oh… that’s all included on our “dine-in” kit, that’ll be an extra $10. Don’t forget about those bread rolls, that’s where they really get you. Hope you didn’t eat too many of those rolls while you were waiting, those are $2.50 each.


Its a mobile game designed to be on mobile, You go to google playstore and 90% of the games on there are like this, the game was designed and only designed for mobile up until a few months before release. Being a mobile game that is free to play by the way, means you don’t have to spend a dime. How hard is that to understand, sure it doesn’t have to be like this, but did Diablo 3 have to be the way it is? Does your opinion have to be the way it is? It is what it is and 90% of mobile games are like this, I just don’t understand how hard it for you to understand that.

And nice Analogy, its pretty bad one actually, but go head and make a new one, wont change how or what this game was designed for and following practically every mobile game out there. Mobile first PC last, thats how this game was originally designed.

And and tell me how long will POE be working on their mobile port? And tell me is it going to be just like the PC or built from the ground up, and if its still years out, how in the world would you know whats going to happen? Via twitter post or from an un reliable source like Quin69.

Idk, Have day.

Go play your corrupt mobile games then Viking, you are completely missing the point, I’m not here to argue with you, I’m here to put in my feedback. If you enjoy getting used for your money by all means go for it.

You should watch this video on youtube by Bellular News called The Toolkit Of Evil Explained. They completely break down the mobile marketing scheme for you. My point is Diablo Immortal didn’t have to be that. They could of been one of the first major companies to release a game into the mobile market that was actually fair for everyone to play while still being free. It was said that the release of Immortal would change our minds, it did change mine, I was extremely hopeful.

Does that mean I don’t enjoy the game? No. I actually really love the game. I don’t love it’s current marketing schemes in the least bit. That is my point.

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Blizzard has designed this game to be a cash cow for them and a pain for the players.

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I have no problem with the monitization of the game. My problem is that everything in the game should be attainable will no money, if you’re willing to put in the time to get it. The fact that some things are gated behind real money is the only issue.

If Blizzard wants to offer people the ability to get there faster, or have an easier time… that’s fine. But nothing should be locked behind a paywall.

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It’s nice to see another players perspective and constructive feedback, that’s mostly what this thread was meant for. I really do like the game, just can’t feel right about playing it the way it is right now.

Exactly right. game needs to be pc friendly and I am sick to death of the “all the mobile games do it” excuse. If it is for pc too, level out the playing field! i love the game, but seriosly thinking of quitting and asking for refund on D4. i grind day after day to not have enough mats to upgrade??? someone explain how that equals fun? after bounties, contract, and a couple big bosses, that’s all the enjoyment i get for the day. on D3 i know where/how much i have to grind to get the mats i need. not on here. too many diff mats needed, am about to move on.

Ill sum this this up very short.

Diablo Immortal is a solid game that is nearly completely ruined buy siphoning off most end game power progression to the cash shop, and provides a less than browser game, gaming experience via some of the worst controls and UI that ive seen in gaming, ever.

Now i realize this was mobile only, and PC client is kind of a gift, so im fine with it taking time to fix.

PC controls need an overhaul.

Power progression needs to drop in game by killing monsters, not swiping for loot boxes disguised as rift runs, and multiple layers of power hidden behind paywalls with no other option (ascending gear ect)

Free players need a reason to play and exist past the storyline, this isnt the case right now.

The game randomly crashes for no reason and the repetitive battle.net disconnects are out of control. The controller input lag and connection in general is horrible, this need some optimization. I get this is a beta, but seriously. Also this negative xp for days upon days for playing the game is effing stupid. You made a game you want people to play and then penalize them for playing it. What a Joke!

Oh… you’re not even at the paragon wall yet… where you can’t upgrade at all… until you meet the paragon requirements.

Or at the raid the vault cap for chests for the week.

Or at the essence cap for the day, where you won’t get any more from chests you open in the world…

This entire game is built around daily/ weekly/ monthly caps… they want you to play… but not too much. If you play too much, you won’t be spending money to get the stuff you want faster.

After getting frustrated with the Monty Hall DM, that is Diablo Immortal, I went back to playing Diablo 2: Resurrected. You know what bugged me the most? Stash/Inventory size. Why?

Because the gear in D2 is so much better!

Diablo Immortal is so fast paced, and so overwhelming, I just randomly trash everything that might have actually helped me tweak my toon. For instance,

‘What if my blade has +4% Primary Attack Speed? Shouldn’t I wait until I find a better one that has that same advantage?’

But, no! If it doesn’t have a Green Arrow, it’s crap.

I’m just gonna do the green arrow thing, and mess up my build.

Why? Because, I don’t have time to think. That stupid Green/Red Arrow forces my brain into a ‘Trash everything that isn’t better,’ mode. It’s deplorable.

No problems with Stash size in Diablo Immortal! Why would I keep an older item if it doesn’t have a Green Arrow???


I know what I’ll do! I’ll just purchase a Reforge Stone, to keep me on track!! That will give me an additional 2%!!! Whoopee!!!

Love this simile.

Yes, it’s almost as if a Dungeon Master thinks he’s so good, he can charge everyone for his campaign. All he needs is 3 curtains, and a pretty girl to open,

’Door Number One, Door Number Two, or Door Number 3!'

I’m on the fence with this stuff. I don’t think buying a battle pass once a month is terrible. As far as free to play goes, I’m not sure how far a company is gonna get maintaining servers , customer support, patches/updates ,etc. They have to make money to maintain the game even. I mean lets be reasonable. Pretty much, here, here’s a cool game anyone can play, pay for a better experience or don’t. You get what you pay for. On the other hand, I get disgusted when I hear of people spending thousands of dollars to be a “whale” and then posting how they can’t find a group because the CR is too high. (nobody with a CR that high yet).
Anyway, what’s killing it for me…is I have to have a group to do anything after storyline/normal. Like I’m pretty much done unless something changes regarding the forced dependence. Yes, I know it’s an MMO …raiding, vault, etc, I get grouping…but when I can’t even run a hidden lair because I need a group I can’t get before it disappears? Pfffft…over it.