Diablo Immortal PC controls and Battleground

I’ll just get to the point here, the issue with the mouse and keyboard. The transition from Mobile to PC.

So here are just my suggestions for PC to make it more suitable:

-Have an option for a lock target. Seriously, you made the left mouse click as an attack/move button and the right mouse a move button. Redundant, when we can also use the space bar to attack. What should be done here is to make the right mouse click lock on a target that the user clicked. That way, even when moving attacks don’t get wasted by accidentally switching targets.

-Skill in the monitor, like its CP version should allow the mouse to click on the icons skills and move directions if the skill requires it. How your team tried to transfer the CP game to PC, and I’m sorry to say this - is a mess. Seriously, learn from Nox and Blue Stacks on how to configure CP to PC games - or at least give an option to players to make the controls like the CP version of being able to click the icons instead of pressing,1-2-3-4.

For Battle Ground:
-The 5-Star Gem’s effectiveness should be reduced a bit in PvP. Most especially those who gave large amounts of Resonance. Not really opposed to people paying to get ahead, since it’s their money. But, a fully geared, fully upgraded whale vs a F2P or Semi-Spender is so vast end game that people will eventually leave - and then the whales will eventually leave. Control the Resonance of 5-Star Gems and the stats they give in PvP. Then people will stay.

-Give the ability to actually team up with friends or Warbands. Give battleground arena that will cater to numbers. MLBB (the Moba game) did it by making sure teams of 5 will only face another team of 5. if there are duo then they will be either paired with another duo and then an individual or duo and another 3-man team, this is for both opposing parties. That way Warband vs Warband is possible and heck this could be a new MOBA-type mini-game inside of the game.

-Make use of the CR in PvP. Don’t just let higher CR players play against lower CR players.