Diablo Immortal Merge Issue Android

I have been unable to sign into Diablo immortal for 5 days or so now, ive reinstalled the game used multiple browsers and had multipe outcomes, none of which result in me being ablebto resume my game. I discovered after attempt 1200 that the game could not merge with battle.net because battle.net already was merged with Diablo immortal and to complete the connection i should contact customer support…they have been of no help and sent me here. Ive posted multiple screen shots and a screen recording or 2 of what happens when I try to log in on discord in the #bug_report_android channel, and only guest log in works. Please Help its been far too long and its stressful and depressing not being able to continue my game.
my Battle.net name is Jotham#1624

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Same problem, sadly game defaults to a different server when reinstalled and cannot choose the server I was on to try my credentials and see if I’m finally able to log in. Really sucks support is no help just shipped me here. Sad. Lots of time spent on that account

So I’m seeing zero replies or help I was sent here by support to try and remedy this issue but no luck