Diablo Immortal BG system is so bad now

It is nearly impossible to get above Silver 1 no matter how many hours per day one play’s, especially when there is no bottom on how far one’s rank can drop after reaching Silver 1. I’ve been trying to get to Silver 2 from Silver 1 for over three days now of playing BG 5 hours per day. Every time I get to Silver 1 all my next matches drop me back into the bronzes and I’ve been in the top one to five plays for days on end now (most everyone else is doing equally as bad or worse especially given my win percentage is higher than theirs).

The system needs to change or everyone will simply stop playing BG and then the entire game afterwards. If the intent of changing the system to how it is now was to drive away the dedicated player base, then the change has been a complete success.

Here are some options as to how to fix it:

Option 1: No point losses on losing matches, and no glass ceilings on individual player’s points based upon res and CR (once players hit the cap they stop playing BG until next season thereby lowering the amount of players playing BG as the season goes on).

Option 2: Same as Option 1, except one only loses half the points one gains on wins allowing a 50% win/loss record to advance in tiers the more one plays.

Option 3: Whan a higher rank is achieved one no longer can drop to a lower tier but will remain at 0 at the tier. Again, it would be nice if there isn’t a glass ceiling based upon CR and resonance.

The reward system also needs improved. 1 common gem for of any rank at season end is a joke. 'We’re so glad everyone put in over a hundred hours during the season in BG and ranked up as far as they could go, so glad you made it to 1st, here is your one common gem." Seriously, that is totally messed up.

Reset stones is nice, but purification shards should also be added. So to fix the rewards, toss in purification shards in relative amounts to reset stones, and also adjust common gems to also relatively match.

If the goal is to have everyone play BG the rewards need to be worth the time everyone puts into it, and the top positions need to be competitive rather than based most entirely upon how much one spent.