Diablo Immortal BG 10 week season is purely pay to win

After one week of playing into the new 10 week bp season, I’ve already capped out my points making it pointless to continue playing bg for the remaining 9 other than three matches daily for the three daily awards. If the new bg system didn’t cap points based on resonance then there would actually be a reason to play 10 weeks rather than 1. The new season system doubles the amount of real time it usually takes to reset bg and all but insures everyone will be maxing out their bg points by its conclusion with all positions pretty much all determined by each individual’s resonance cap.

The way the BG leaderboard works now is purely pay to win and takes forever to reset. There is no point to play bg after one reaches there cap (about a week’s time, so 9 weeks of no point to play the game if you are into bg).

Okay, but why are you providing feedback about Diablo Immortal in the Diablo I forum?

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