Diablo Immortal API

Hi everyone,
I am just wondering if a API for Diablo Immortal will be published. Does someone have information about that?


I would be shocked if Blizzard releases an API for Diablo Immortal. The software was developed and maintained by NetEase, outside of Blizzard. It’s difficult enough for the API team to work with the game devs inside of Blizzard, never mind third party developers.

I haven’t seen any API released. Only information on that was before launch from Wyatt on The Immortal Podcast “let’s focus on launch first”.

I hope that something is posted in Read-only. From the web-traffic I’ve see there is a resources pulled from NetEase, a cookie reads “… Session_sdkapi= …”

One can only.hope

je fait comment pour acheter diablo 4 j ai vue qu on pouvais l acheter

Would love to see a Diablo Immortal API as well.

It would be amazing to see an API for this game. Especially considering how the shadows vs immortals system is set up.

UP this thread, An API will be very useful to know the stat of member of the clan


Not gonna lie, pulling my clan information out manually and dropping into a sheet is tedious (Paragon level only, love to easily get their 2 Combat Ratings, and Shadow level).

Even getting that for friendly clans would be amazing, plus strategies for Shadow Wars ;-). Even just scraping the Shadow Wars bracket, for other clans

Please! These hooks have to exist for your internal customers… Let us at them… so many clan tools could be created to support the game.

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Hoping to get this wheel squeaky enough. A read API on player, leaderboard, battleground, faction, clan, and Warband stats would be amazing.
Ranking, player name, class, Paragon level, combat rating, …
Market, hilts trader scraper
And event timers, to allow for reminders of events that I want to participate in… Or integration into raid organizers/sign-up tools

Refreshing the thread, API for clan leads can save hours :frowning:

Bumping this. We still want a D.I. API

another bump for di api.

bumping this too… need the DI API asap

+1 This would help manage the social aspects of the game. We could have plan wars within clans a lot easier - but also give players advice on where to focus on leveling etc.