Diablo IMMORAL /15chars

So it went from “dont you guys have phones?” to “dont you guys have credit cards?”. This type of predatory marketing is exactly what i would expect from the new blizzard. There once was a time where blizzard was heralded for its “blizzard polish” but now, times are different and immediately upon firing up the new crapfest thats labeled Diablo immortal its abundantly clear that any shred of hopium I have had, has been purposly thrown into the bin. I cant even play it on my phone because apparently its too old, so im forced to play what feels like the worst port I have ever seen. The buttons are too huge for my computer screen, the lag immedietly brings me back to why i dont play on mobil unless i dont have the choice. The development team has went from “blizzard polish” to blizzard RUST.