Diablo II USWest Connection Issues


  • Players are experiencing log-in connection issues
    • Eventually able to login after several attempts
  • Further frequent connection errors are experienced during normal play
    • Causes the game to drop or disconnect from Battle.net completely

Over the past several weeks, the D2 LoD USWest server has become increasingly unstable; leaving many players finding difficulty attempting to login and frequently losing connection to the server. Though there are players currently online - this is a widespread problem experienced by many players.

Login Failures
The most prominent issue experienced are the Login issues.

While attempting to log into Battle.net the various stages of login messages may be prolonged indefinitely or eventually time-out resulting with an Unable to Connect message.

Attempting to log in after several tries does eventually work, however this is incredibly frustrating.

Connectivity Issues
Another issue players may experience are random connectivity issues. This is experienced during normal gameplay when the game is dropped, and either the player is kicked out to the lobby or otherwise completely disconnected from Battle.net.

I’ve not been Banned - I am able to login after several attempts. However with difficulty logging in and frequent disconnects, currently playing on USWest is discouraging and frustrating.

Any insights or descriptions of how these issues will be resolved would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Seems like blizzard will just leave the classic d2 servers like this since d2r is releasing. their plan might be let d2 classic slowly dies and make people play d2r

Yes alot of people are speculating the same thing… Put in a support ticket, the more people that do this instead of posting on the forums will have more of an effect… Blizzard has no plans to retire D2 classic just because D2R is being released, the issue isn’t with Diablo2… the issue is on the legacy servers they run on, so other games have been affected aswell… unfortunately there is still no further information on the subject though… but Blizz has acknowledged the issue but they are not going to say anything till they work it out

Sure but I’d at least appreciate some transparency and let us know any updates, like if they’ve identified what the issue is or what is causing the connection errors and perhaps determining any actionable plans to resolve it.

Telling us that “we are aware of the situation and investigating” or “Please submit a ticket” is a non-answer answer essentially to get us off their back. I’d like to know they’re actively trying to resolve it rather than brush it off.

Yeah of course, to know whats being done would put alot of people at ease… but unfortunately dude its not their priority to give an update saying things are still broken and they dont know what the issue is… because they dont know :man_shrugging:

This is why i say the more people putting in tickets the better, the more info/diagnostics files people can feed them the better… its definitely not a way of brushing people off… Blizzard have been communicating with me through my tickets when i had them and reassured that they are actively working on it but they still dont know whats causing the drama’s because on there end everything on their servers seems fine…

A blue post would be nice but the way they see it is, its pointless to put a blue post on the forums when they have no information they can actually give…

At the end of the day, this may be a 20 year old game yes… but all these people speculating that Blizzards abandoning it because of D2R couldn’t be more wrong… Blizzard still make alot of money on this game despite its age, last thing they want is to lose users, less users = less money and bad business practice…

Can only hope this gets resolved soon :pray: and we hear about what happened, i bet theres been more than 1 issue, the whole situation has sucked for alot of people… for some it seems to have been fixed, while others are still waiting

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