Diablo II Temporary Restrictions

In the last week I have had multiple realm down and unable to connect due to restrictions warnings.

These are being triggered by nothing more than entering a single game and then exiting.

I have used the same computer and setup and D2 account for years with no problems at all.

This is not user behaviour or account ubuse or entering too many games in a short period of time etc.

This is like enter one game and it is random too.


I’d suggest you contact Blizzard Support directly if you think your account is restricted or being restricted. We used to have Forum Support Agents that could check our account and see if there were restrictions on it; they haven’t posted here for about 2 months now.

The Game Masters probably won’t be able to overturn the restriction but they should be able to tell you why the account is restricted and when the restriction will end.

Here’s a link for contacting Support for “Can’t connect” issue on Legacy Games such as Diablo II: Lord of Destruction : https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/legacy/350/354/solution

I wasn’t sure what realm you play on… your BattleTag shows a Europe home region, but you’re posting on the NA forums. If you’re playing on the Europe Gateway, you should probably contact the EU Support – simply change the us.battle.net in the link to eu.battle.net

Good luck with this.

This seems like it is a server issue though. There is noticeable delay on every screen and temp restricts happen so easily. Used to get them if you were leaving and joining games too quickly. Now you just get them by joining one game and leaving after 5 minutes sometimes. Could be a new anti-bot measure I suppose. Either way, it’s borderline unplayable right now.

Having the same issue. Over the last 3 days, i will go magic find a game, kill andy, trav, meph, diablo, shenk/eldritch and then leave and instantly be restricted. Completely unplayable when i cant even spend 10-12mins in a game and then make a new one after all the good bosses i can solo are dead.

The same thing happened to me, I spent more than 5 minutes on the game and when I started a new game I received a message that “the server is not working” then at the character selection screen the message “this realm is currently unavailable to you” before that a message before “the server is not working” there was “connection to Battle.net lost” Many users have a problem with this

It is probably because you didn’t find diablo2hub dot com sooner it is literally best solution available!