Diablo II Resurrected - API Endpoints

Will Diablo II Resurrected have APIs available? If so, is there a timeline and what APIs are planned?


Good question! Can any dev respond to this? Even if the response is just ‘NO’.

+1, would also like to know what diablo 2 resurrected might offer for API endpoints.

It would be really dope to get access to a messaging API; especially if it extends to include the item data from the new feature which lets you share all the item info in chat.

Good question! Id love to know that too

+1 good question I have a pretty cool idea for HC players but would like to know if there any plans for api

+1 I would love to see data for ladder seasons

Hi , everyone! Great question!

So far there’s no answer to this question.
If that changes, we’ll share what we can as soon as possible.



If you guys are considering API options, I would love to get access to the current games list and make a web app with some filtering:

-Name (enabling a search for “cow” or “baal” etc)
-Creation time (allowing filtering of games by creation time, example: excluding games over 10 minutes old)
-Difficulty (for filtering)
-Player count (filter out full games)

Then I could make a "Copy Name’ button to put the name in your clipboard and your all set to hop in the game you just found! It can be hard to find games in the in-game list and it always seems to refresh for me at the wrong time (refreshes right when I saw one I wanted, or doesn’t refresh fast enough when I’m waiting). I know that it how the old one worked too, but it wouldn’t be too hard to make a quick website to help solve that.

Thanks for your consideration!


I would be extremely interested in this, even for a small scale friend group. It’d be great even just to see each friend’s character and level. Secondarily their stats, gear, etc. Even would be extra deep if we could access each friend’s stash!

i hope d2r api just like d3

Hello Drakhalno,

Is there any new information about this API documentation?

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This, could not have said it better. Or maybe Blizz could’ve added those options ingame when re-selling a 20y old game for 40 bucks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just a head up to keep the topic up.

I’m a Junior Dev and would love as a personal project to work with a D2r API building a small app.

Hoping that you guys out there at blibli will release some documentation at some point

I am hoping that they do eventually get an API set up for D2R, but right now it sounds like they are putting out fires left, right, and center with the old game’s net code. I would guess that an API will be on the back burner until the game is running smoothly and they have all the kinks worked out.

It is a good sign for continued support of the game that they had good sales and huge concurrent player numbers. Hopefully there is lots more D2R improvements and support in the future and possibly some API support.