[Diablo II] Installation & Update Troubleshooting



If the Diablo II Game Keys are attached to your account, the latest installations can be found here. Connecting to the Battle.net after installing will patch you to the latest version.

If there is trouble installing the latest version or you already have an older version of the game installed and having trouble patching, our support article to patch Diablo II can help push the patch.


When I try to play on Battle.net, the game says someone else is using my key.
Try rebooting the computer and check again. If it still shows the CD key is in use, try resetting the network devices.

For more specific causes for the CD Key in Use, these articles go through this in detail.

What if I am receiving errors attempting to patch or cannot complete patching?
Uninstall existing Diablo II. Download and reinstall using the Digital Installers.

What if I don’t see installers on the page you linked?
Claim the CD Keys on the Blizzard account here. Once they are claimed, the installations will be visible on the downloads page.

If you don’t have Diablo II CD Keys, they are available for purchase here.

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