"Diablo II" Checking Versions -> Battle.Net is not responding

Hello, after almost a month of playing the game, which for the most part was AWESOME apart from all the server maintenance, I’m getting stuck on a checking versions page, and it will end with “Battle.net is not responding. Please try connecting again in a few minutes.”

Mind you, I was acquiring NUMEROUS temp bans for what seems to be nothing. Like, sitting in a game and chatting with friends, joining a public chaos/baal run and leaving when its done, magic finding, hitting ESC merely TWICE when wanting to select a different character to transfer items to and the list goes on filled with just basic things every player/customer does to enjoy or even simply PLAY the game.

I’ve looked through most of the forum and have completed the following per some instructions:

  1. Wait 24 hours.
  2. Uninstall D2 and re-install, making sure you get the patches too.
  3. Requesting a new IP from your ISP.
  4. Hard booting your ISP equipment.
  5. Releasing and renewing IP from command prompt. ( Windows )
  6. Connecting to a different internet source entirely.
  7. Allowed it as an exception to Windows Firewall.

Currently, I’m leaving D2 uninstalled for 24 hours and will try reinstalling it tomorrow evening and see if I have any luck.

If someone could shed some light onto this matter, I would really appreciate it.


EDIT: I’m learning that someone else was banned for using a VPN? During these unprecedented times where we now work from home, a VPN is almost second nature. Please tell me that isn’t why I was banned?!

seems like u have to change 1 option of ur IE, but i really cant remember how to do, u can google it.

IE——Internet option——connection——LAN settings——Cancel the mark of the Automatic check(U can have a try, im not sure my translation is total correct cuz im chinese, i dont know how to translate it in a right way.)

I’m not sure I understood what you are trying to say. Thank you for your help though.

EDIT: I updated the original post to reflect steps I’ve taken.

Did you ever figure out a solution?

Give it a couple days, sometimes bans are quick.