Diablo II: Battle.net is not responding

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 I recently tried getting back into diablo 2 Lod. I ran into a bunch of problems trying to get the game to work on my brand-new windows 11 computer, but I will spare you the details. At this time the game runs and is patched to 1.14d. However, I cannot connect to battle.net on any server. I get stuck on checking versions and then finally "Battle net is not responding. Please try again later." Please help the game is no fun to me if I can't get back online. Can you Blizz see if the cd keys I am using attached my Battle net account I wrote this page with has a ban. And if so, would buying a new set resolve anything? Pease help!


That means you have been temp banned. The ban could be anywhere from 8 minutes to 2 weeks. If you’re able to, talk to a live support person and they should be able to tell you how the long the ban actually is. Don’t try to login anymore though. It could reset the ban time. Good luck.

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 A few remaining thoughts. First where is this live support person you speak of lol. Second, did I possibly get this possible temp ban from trying to log in when my Norton VPN was on? Also if I buy a new CD key. Does it have to be both or will just LOD suffice vise verse and how does that work?



You’d have to submit a ticket for that… the waiting time for a reply on a ticket is about 2 weeks at the moment, sometimes more.

That is quite possible; using a VPN while trying to log into Classic Battle.Net usually result in a immediate 14-day suspension… there’s a list of other actions that will give you a temporary play restriction on your account here: Temporary Play Restrictions in Diablo II (2000) - Blizzard Support

I suggest you turn off the VPN before playing Diablo II (2000); you’ll have to wait 14 days after the last attempt to log into Classic Battle.Net for the play restriction to lift.

If you want to buy another copy of the game, you would need to create a new Battle.Net account – Battle.Net accounts can only have 1 license of Diablo II (2000). Then you would need to buy new CD keys (both Diablo II and LoD).

Your new account would likely be affected by the play restriction however… the play restriction is at the IP level. See: Diablo II Error: Your connection has been temporarily restricted - Blizzard Support

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