Diablo I BNet errors and refund

I have bought Diablo I this week to play with a friend, unfortunately the game is badly optimized to play in BNet that we faced several errors, we even tried some troubleshooting found on Blizz’s forums, nothing works…

I’m now trying to request refund in the support page, but the page keeps getting errors, it must be a terrible joke!

I have opened a support ticket, but I can’t get an answer from support team.

This company has become a joke to all players, how come we buy a game that doesn’t work, and now they won’t reply me back to help or refund?

How a company this size with some much history has become this pile of you know what? I’m just trying to play a game or get my refund, omg.

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Because it’s both very old, and is being sold “as is”. It’s the player’s task to research the modifications to get it working on modern systems. Over the years, many have already done this and made the fixes readily available to everyone.

Or, you buy it from GoG, the company that Bliz tasked with updating it for modern systems.

What specifically?

The fixes that have been circulating around the forums this past week have been working successfully for people, including me.

That’s because you have to wait your turn in line. People have refunded successfully, including me. You have to be patient, Texer.

So, as for your assessments, no, not really.

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