Diablo 4 - Xbox - "This game doesn’t allow live streaming"

I can’t stream on Xbox Series X with error “This game doesn’t allow live streaming”. Someone any solution?


Same issue, tried all the basic solutions to this issue power cycpe reinstal twutch and the stream, none of those work. If you find a fix im desperate


Im also desperate to stteam this as well! And i have also tried the workarounds… is this intended?! Or are we just bugged?

Unfortunetly i have the same Jezus. And moim what pc players have. They can do it

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This is verrrey laaame!! Im sorry thay you are also having trouble!

OFC THEY WONT GIVE THAT HOTFIX . And aby i cant post

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Someone plllleaaaase saaave usssss :slight_smile:

It’s because the Xbox doesn’t see it as a game. It just shows you are home when playing.

Same issue here, I tried on Xbox series X and S both the same result “This game doesn’t allow live streaming”. Please solve this as soon as possible, was very excited to stream and got this error… if no solution, please issue me a refund.

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In suffering from the same. Can stream on TiKTok but not Xbox??

Yeah, i ve bought these game on Xbox early to have acces for streaming from console

Why would a company want someone to stream crashing and being in line for a hour again with their game?

Only workaround is using a capture card and a Desktop/Laptop with streaming software downloaded. Laptop died some time ago, and went to console stream, but ran in to the same issue. Sucks…