DIABLO 4 Unlock Waypoint and Stronghold All Across the board

Dear Blizzard Personnel,

I believe it is now the right move to make, once we have unlock all the waypoints and Stronghold it should be unlocked permanently and carried over thru ought new seasons, its the same unnecessary repetitive mode that needs to be done over and over.

It is also quite annoying and tedious for HardCore Realm players. If you create a new character you have to unlock the waypoints and Stronghold again regardless if its thru death or creating new toons, etc.

Please take this into serious consideration and look at it at a positive perspective point of view. Good job on Season 4 Loot Reborn overhaul, even though there is still plenty to be done and improve on, but it is definitely steering towards the right direction.

P.S - More HardCore Players needed.

Good morning! You seem to have wandered into the Diablo 1 forum. This place is for the very very old original game.

If you wish to provide feedback to Blizzard Devs on Diablo 4 you will want to post on the Diablo 4 forums.

Here is the link for you :slight_smile:

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