Diablo 4 unable to find a valid license for diablo 4

I can see this when I open Diablo 4. Likewise battle.net “Oops! Something went wrong.” Gives a fault. I would be happy if you help.

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Im on ps5 and cant log into d4 either

Im on PC & getting the same error, cant log in. Code 315306, it cant find a valid license?

It’s so incredibly sad. I registered on the forum to find a solution for a similar issue, but instead, I see that so many users are having various problems with launching games, and I don’t see any solutions here. I’m gradually starting to consider switching to other platforms. And generally, lately, I’ve been getting back into playing live hockey games. Especially since it seems the NHL will now earn more money. It’s a pity I gave it up in my teenage years.


The forums are player-to-player help. BThey are not official contact points to Bliz. Bliz may respond on occasion, however, it’s not expected, nor are they required to.

If you aren’t able to find a solution to your technical issue on the forums, use the support ticket system. That is the official contact point for one on one Bliz help.

So what do we do since it is such a latge issue. Im on xbox and i keep receiving the same error code 315305. Cant log into the game. This is concerning. And i cannot place a ticket for the issue. It refuses to go threw. I would like some kind of help. I have done every trick and or trial to get by it. But nothing seems to work.

If it won’t submit, something on your system may be blocking it.

Try a different web browser or a different device altogether. You can also try a different internet connection for either of those.

See this article for some more details.