Diablo 4 Season 1 patch

Just wanted to say that cutting stats and nerfing players to extend the life of the game is not a fun way for the consumer to play. I find it extremely hard to understand that you don’t know you’re killing the game. I relate this business model to my local ISP. It is very bad service and the only reason anyone uses them is because there isn’t a better option. I know none of you care that I took the time out of my day to type this and let you know I’m unhappy and quite frankly that is the root of the problem with Blizzard today.

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If you wanted to say something about Diablo IV the place to do that is on the Diablo IV forums, rather than here on the Diablo I forum.

A simple search…

The very first link returned…

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being an unhelpful dick isn’t gonna fix your crappy game, blizzard bot 9000

Sarcasm is not an effective response to a frustrated customer. Less posts, better quality.

You consider directing the OP to the correct forums unhelpful? Oh, well.

I bet they’d get even more frustrated by a complete lack of response due to having posted in the wrong forum. At least if they post on the Diablo IV forums they have some hope of a solution.

How about if you redirect people without the attitude? My point is still valid and not addressed in your message. Consider how your actions affect the guy who posted in the wrong forum.

Wait…nevermind. Have a nice day.