Diablo 4 scammers

I have been scammed by 3 players on Diablo 4. They offered to help me with Echo Lilith for 40million gold. Upon giving them my gold, I was removed from the party. I understand that I should “know better” but people like this really ruin the genuinely of the game, and overall trust between players in the community.

Aside from accomplishing in-game achievements, teamwork and trust is a core aspect in this game. And if I have to worry about every player’s true intentions when joining a new group of players, then my whole experience is ruined.

Please help me show these players, and the rest of this community that behavior like this is not ok. It’s toxic and we as a whole deserve better.

I am not asking for any compensation, but rather for justice to be served for dishonoring the terms of service.

These are the scammers Xbox Gamer Tag’s:
Demon Nadroj

So why are you posting about that on the Diablo I forums?

A simple search…

The very first link returned…

Alternatively, at the top of the forums…

These scams wouldn’t be possible if there weren’t people that want to pay to be carried through content they’re not capable of doing themselves.

If you are willing to pay someone else to carry you then you didn’t achieve anything, regardless of whether you unlocked an achievement.

So, team up with heroes that are similar to your own, rather than expecting to be carried through stuff you’re incapable of.

The only reason you have to worry about other players’ honesty and intentions is if you’re considering paying them for something that you shouldn’t be paying them for. When you just group up with folks that want to play together, if they do something you don’t like, you leave the group and are no worse off.

I suspect the community will also consider players that want to pay to be carried through content are also undesirable.

Your own post is a confession that you got scammed as a result of you doing something that would likely be a breach of the End User License Agreement. By all means create a support ticket to report the players that did this to you, but know that as a result of the ticket, you might get punished too.

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