Diablo 4 Queue errors

(This is on PS5)

I understand the issues from the closed beta, we had to wait as Blizzard showed their unpreparedness for the storm. However, as of that next day logging in was really good, I had no issue and the wait was little to none to log in.

Moving towards today knowing that the demand was going to be high, I’ve been stuck in a revolving, bouncing queue time that starts high (60+minutes), goes low(15minute), says logging into server after the count down only to go back to 15 minutes or 3 minutes and stay there until I get an error code and have to log back into another queue.

I find this online only approach to be very in favorable and insulting, especially when blizzard is seemingly Ill equipped to support the demands it’s creating going this route.

Report this in the right place…

Come on Blizzard!! you did it again open the game up and you can not get in again !!

Get a clue !!! We all knew this happen again!!