Diablo 4 price gouge cost you a customer

So, most of the games that have battlepasses, are F2P.

Not only do you have to pay for D4, you are setting the price at $69.99 (much higher than most digital only content), and then attempting to charge us a battlepass fee on top of that.

I was actually getting ready to purchase the game because the beta happens on my birthday weekend… and I suppose I just want whoever was in charge of this idiotic idea to know they are responsible for losing a customer.

Not only is $70 pretty steep for a digital purchase.
You are putting it on a game which the last version of which was a ‘successful flop’ because while it rode on the back of a great franchise, it failed in every way. Multiple times. Diablo 3 was trash. nearly useless uniques. No real treasure finding. Just endless grinding grifts. Over and over.

Blizzard has become such a greedy company, and with decisions like this being made, I have no choice but to assume that the rest of the choices made for this game were equally as bad.

You should have learned from the greed in Diablo Immortal, but instead you just wanted to double down on greed at the expensive of a great franchise.

LOW IQ move.
Likely the perception of your company is going to continue to dwindle greatly due to repeated horrible ‘business’ decisions.


Blizzard has “double dipped” in the world of MTX on F2P games. Warcraft is a premium sub, that is also a MTX shop with an ENDLESS supply of gold as long as your credit card can keep swiping.

D4 should 100% be F2P with cosmetic driven MTX like PoE.

Imagine forcing customers into buying a “deluxe” pack to play beta…

“Here come test our game but it will cost you.”

You misread it. Only the $89.99 and $99.99 get a 4 day head start at release. All pre-orders got the early access beta.

I know inflation is a thing but currently Diablo 4 is (even for the base package) at least 30% too expensive. I can definitely wait for it to go on sale lol. I’ll just stick to Diablo 1 through 3 for my occasional cravings. Also we don’t talk about immortal either.

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