Diablo 4 no high quality texture option available

Only low or medium selection is available for “texture quality” and i have the high res pack installed.


Same issue here, and many people having the same issue

my PC:

RX 6700 XT 12GB VRAM
1920*1080 Monitor

same on me but I think its because of 16 gb of ram

All ppl on discord who got 24 or 32gb ram have the high option

Can confirm

Upgraded from 16 gb ram to 32 gb ram and i got high textures option

My God what a honey for my eyes :smiley:

I confirm this, only medium textures with RTX 3060ti and 16GB of RAM, put extra 8GB from different Pc and now i can use HIGH textures (24 GB ram total) but… pefrormance is bad, FPS fps drop, need to activate DLSS to maintain 60 fps, 80% CPU usage (I5 12400), 80% usage, and 23GB of RAM in us… thats little bit to much I think