Diablo 4 - Level 15 Quests for Barb and Druid

Honestly y’all. A beta is made to ensure some aspects of the game function well and so that feedback can be gathered. This beta does not appear to be for that. This beta is so Blizz can sell pre-release packs and is just an advertisement disguised as a beta. It’s left an awfully sour taste in my mouth for the future of D4. You cannot complete the level 15 quest on two separate characters that ensures the character feels more powerful and fun. I don’t know about anyone else, but not being able to access those quests after leveling up those two classes makes me not want to play D4 at all. There is no excuse to offer a beta and then expect players to be happy with nearly no content, two locked-out class quests, and LITERALLY POPUPS in the game. The blizzard we all loved is dead y’all. We’ve said it for years, but it’s really only downhill from here. I’ll watch a story video online for the lore, but the game won’t be worth anyone’s time.


you are literally complaining about a beta that you are playing for FREE


bro its a beta just stop playing if it bothers you this much you seem very triggered by a beta not letting you do everything you want lmao


It’s an advertisement for people to pre order the game…
Who are you kidding?

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Please don’t use y’all again. You’re embarrassing the rest of the south.


A single popup when you login the first time and its to preorder the damn game!!! They have to limit a lot of content since it is a freaking beta… Seems to me that you have no clue about gaming or how betas actually work. Just delete your account and call it a day.


‘This beta is so Blizz can sell pre-release packs and is just an advertisement’

  • Thank you for defining a beta !
    I played the druid and when i realised i could not do my class quest, it made me want to play the full game even more, what are you crying about ? Cant see the whole game in a beta ? Are you being serious…

I am sorry, what? You must be new to beta’s as this is not a new thing. For example with the Elder Scrolls Online beta there content was locked as well. That you are complaining about two quests is your problem, not Blizzard or anyone else.
We can only play till lvl 25 on tier II. The game is easy so far besides maybe the World Event and Butcher. If you complain that you feel weak due not completing those quests seems like you made a mistake in build and playstyle.
And regarding pop-ups. I already forgot about them since there aren’t many.

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This is a fairly lame way to express your disappointment. I played a hardcore rogue who bought the farm at 15, and then made a tier 2 Sorc who died safely a few times but got through that class quest and enjoyed fooling with various enchantments until level 22. I then made a Druid and was sad to see his class quest locale stuck way the hell outside the playable beta zone. I played on Xbox and experienced a grand total of one login queue of .5 hours the first time I logged in on Friday. There were fairly frequent zone bouncing issues across my characters, but nothing to ruin my anticipation for the full game. The Druid thing could easily have been avoided with advance notice (I didn’t see any) when creating the character, but there were absolutely tons of builds to try with the Druid, and loadouts to refine…. Your whining is an extreme and seemingly childish reaction to this beta. Try complaining about the bricked GPUs a bit more; it will make you seem like you know something.