Diablo 4 is no longer fun

Diablo 4, holds immense potential to captivate players with its immersive world, story telling and thrilling gameplay. Among the crucial aspects that contribute to the excitement and enjoyment of ARPGs are the presence of elite monsters and high mob density within dungeons. Additionally I’d like to address the concerns regarding fair competition and the importance of maintaining consistent rules within the game.

ARPG enthusiasts universally appreciate the thrill of taking on hordes of enemies. The adrenaline rush and satisfaction derived from battling high-density mobs contribute significantly to the experience we crave. Diablo 3, as well as other popular titles like Path of Exile, have successfully harnessed this gameplay element to create engaging and addictive experiences. Thus, reducing mob density would hinder the game’s ability to deliver the exhilarating combat encounters that players want. Rather than reducing the density within certain dungeons, it would be more beneficial to focus on increasing the density in other dungeons.

The inclusion of a race for the first 1000 hardcore players adds an exciting competitive element to Diablo 4. It is imperative that the rules of such events remain consistent throughout the race. While addressing bugs or imbalances is necessary to maintain fairness, altering the the best exp routes midway disrupts the integrity of the competition. Players invest time, effort, and strategy based on the initial guidelines. Changing the rules midway would be unfair to all participants and undermine the competitive spirit of the race. If the need for less dense packs is needed, then at the very least do it at the start of season 1, though myself and many others whole heartedly disagree with it.

The thrill of Diablo 4 lies in the exhilarating progression from struggling against a formidable group of monsters to obtaining a new piece of equipment that exponentially amplifies our strength. It is a testament to the game’s enjoyment that the journey of overcoming challenges and experiencing significant power growth brings immense fun and satisfaction.

A significant portion of my time spent in dungeons was dedicated to running rather than engaging in combat, which is just not fun for everyone.

These are my recommendations to the game that 99% of the player base agrees with and would make diablo 4 much better. Number 10 on the list may be the only thing that could be controversial.

  1. Instead of encountering random barriers that require dismounting and using skills, consider reevaluating their design to promote smoother gameplay. For example, if the barriers serve another purpose like accessing instances or shards, consider reducing or removing the cooldown on the horse ability.

  2. Review the item level requirements to ensure they align appropriately with the drop level. It may be beneficial to consider adjusting the requirements, such as setting the sacred level at 50/55/60 and the ancestral level at 60/65/70.

  3. Aim for consistency and fairness in races for the first 1000 hardcore players. Avoid making mid-race changes unless they are absolutely necessary due to game-breaking issues. Seasonal changes can provide an avenue for introducing updates and adjustments.

  4. Evaluate the resource costs associated with core skills. It seems unbalanced that a level 30 sorceress can cast only two fireballs before running out of mana. Adjusting the resource costs to ensure a more reasonable balance would improve gameplay satisfaction.

  5. Increase the rewards gained from completing quests, particularly in terms of resource acquisition. For example, receiving only one veiled crystal from opening a box may feel insufficient. Adjusting the rewards to be more in line with player expectations would enhance the overall experience.

  6. When enchanting items, consider providing a comprehensive list of potential outcomes. Displaying all the available options for enchantment rolls would allow players to make more informed decisions and customize their gear accordingly.

  7. Provide players with the option to filter out specific types of loot they have no interest in, such as low-value items like 20 gold or white/blue items. This customizable item label display would streamline the looting experience and cater to individual preferences.

  8. Offer players the ability to adjust their viewing perspective by allowing them to zoom out slightly more. Widescreen players can see twice as far which is an unfair advantage.

  9. Consider adjusting the experience system to reward exploration of new map areas without granting direct experience points. Instead, share the exploration progress across all characters on the same account, promoting a sense of discovery while maintaining an equitable experience gain for all characters.

  10. Implement a system where hardcore characters who meet their demise are transferred to a softcore state. This approach would provide a safety net for players while still maintaining the inherent risks and challenges associated with the hardcore mode.

The recommendations you have provided reflect the opinions and desires of a significant portion of the player base.

Edit - Would also like to add that I believe the Lilith statue with the first 1000 players should be in the game, not on a physical statue in a hall.


Why are you posting this in the Diablo I forum?

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Regarding your recommendations, I think many of them have merit and could enhance the overall gameplay experience. Smooth gameplay is essential, so reevaluating the design of barriers to promote smoother traversal sounds like a sensible improvement. Aligning item level requirements with drop levels and evaluating resource costs for core skills are valid considerations for balancing gameplay. Increasing quest rewards and providing comprehensive enchantment outcome lists would also improve player satisfaction and decision-making.

Additionally, offering customizable loot filters, adjusting viewing perspective, and rewarding exploration without direct experience points are all features that could enhance player enjoyment and cater to individual preferences. The implementation of a softcore state for hardcore characters who meet their demise seems like a fair compromise, providing a safety net while still maintaining the challenging nature of hardcore mode.

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i dont understand why when we spend all the time getting our build right they nerff it sooo much whats the point in playing a game to build up your person when their just gonna come around every 3 weeks and make them suck again ,… and i dont understand the math they use if i have a spell that does 31999 attack why am does it only attack for 1200 whats the point in playing this nice game [ I couldnt put the word in i wanted to use] if nothing we do really matters…

I don’t understand why you’d post about Diablo IV in the Diablo I forums, when just two posts above yours there’s a link to the Diablo IV forums.

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Sad I spent money on this game D4!

In the future please reach out to the gamer’s in Development, as this one has totally flopped!

Getting beyond all the errors and glitches no one wants to endlessly farm for materials that in reality should be given throughout every aspect of the game, in larger quantities.

What do I really get in return for my time. No individuality it’s always the same thing, predetermined paths with gear and abilities!

Appreciate all the time and effort!

Please scroll up to the 1st reply in this thread which has a link to the Diablo IV forums and go tell them there.
This is the Diablo I forum.

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