Diablo 4 hardcore suggestion

As a purely hardcore devotee, softcore just does not take your breath away in those epic battles. I would suggest a new form of hardcore characters as in seasonal/non-seasonal for those of us that are a bit/lot older than most and can’t afford the time to grind a new character every season. Now there is no such thing as hardcore non-seasonal characters, well there is but zero people play it. So the result is for those of us with little time find our characters obsolete when it’s still not even finished. So, bring in an “Ancient” class. Hardcore characters still alive at the end of season become Ancients (obviously can’t play with new seasonal characters) and with every passing season they gain a “generation” , so that after 4 seasons you would have a 4th Generation Ancient with each additional generation acquiring an added buff not available to any other class of character. And then maybe on certain times of year like Halloween (after midnight) Ancients can play with seasonal hardcore until dawn and you are ripped from the game Cinderella style. I am seriously questioning if I would buy the game simply because my time constraints don’t allow me to be competitive in an active community consisting of a substantial player base. I tend to think that even these kids that can grind out a new character each week would reserve at least one character slot for the prestige of having an Ancient 10th Generation that has been kept alive since day 1