Diablo 4: fix this game

This is beyond absurd at this point. Can’t play the game as intended. I can’t fast travel without d/c, I can’t enter dungeons or key locations without d/c so I am basically just trapped hoofing it in act 1 in the overworld completing side quests without any hopes of real progress. Man do something about this game. I’ve been through every single “hot fix” or recommended fix for connectivity issues so don’t bother, the rig I’m playing on has more than enough capability to run the game along with my internet is very reliable. And my idiotic desire to actually play this broken dumpster fire voids me from the possibility of a refund because I’ve invested to much “play time” in reality it’s been hours of my wife and I desperately trying to rejoin each other’s parties to no avail. FIX THIS EXCUSE FOR A DIABLO GAME, putting a bad name on what was once considered one of the best rpg series out there. Blizzard used to be a reliable company and now it is just a sorry excuse for what it once was.

That people can’t do a Google search for diablo iv forums and click on the first returned link…

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I know this is no help to your situation but… It’s just a terrible game. Life is better once you stop playing it.