Diablo 4 fix the game

Hey, I have some complains about the game. And I’m not the only one that has these complaints. I have 15 friends considering dropping the game completely. first of all you have nerved the XP too much For people that actually have a job and not had time to sit and play eight to ten hours a day. I only have two to three hours to play every day. I will not reach level 100 before the season ends. and the biggest concern about the game is now the game is paid to win and now you say that it’s not a leaderboard in the game may you still buy to get more Experian points and better drop Reed I have already spent money on to buy the game so I don’t want to use more money. Just to get a hit of things in the game. It’s completely ridiculous. It’s fine with the Skins fan off. I mean if you can buy Experian points and better drop rate. It’s completely unfair for other people that don’t have the money to spend. It’s open world game so if I wanted to I could buy the experience points. Then I can also buy better drop rate. Then if I wanted to I couldn’t just go down to the lower tier. Then I could go around just killing everything down in the low tier so other people not complete the game of course. They will get the experience points and the items to drop to them men. I really want to play the game so it’s f annoying. One more thing that is some players that running around just to make a big pack of Monsters so if I’m trying to go back to town you just running into me with all the monsters and killing me. And the money you get in the game is too low for what the thing caused in the game. And also that was a reason why she upload immortal was won of the worst game that came out that year it came. I am really considering dropping the game and so my friends so if you’re not doing anything about it, you will probably gonna lose a lot of players.

Okay, but you’ve posted them on the Diablo I forums.
Try this…

It is not pay to win… the experience point system in the battle pass is free! If you are having issues with monster’s killing you and you can’t get back to town you are just bad at the game and should probably get better, maybe visit a website that helps you like www.maxroll.gg . If the exp nerf was mostly to boosting and not actually that bad. If you are actually even a semi decent player you should get about 1lvl per hour doing nightmare dungeons solo. At 3hrs a day that is 3 levels so it would only take you 33 days to hit lvl99 and then just +1 more hr the next day for 100. I work 88hrs a week and still have a lvl62 necro that is doing world tier 4 content (without any carry) and i actually don’t even play it every day since i have other stuff i play too. As far as your issue with gold… learn to sell your gear it makes LOADS of money in my 60’s i have 20million gold after the other 12million i just spent on rerolling stats today and switching up my build.