Diablo 4 First 1000 to LVL 100 HC

I know this is in the wrong category but I’ve never used these forums and couldn’t find a Diablo 4 category.

I’ve been playing since release almost non stop and I’ve made it to lvl 50. But I just read something that stated early access people aren’t allowed to join the contest for first 1000 Hardcore. Is this true? I know people who didn’t pre order were complaining about it being unfair for pre orders to be a part; but what about those who pre ordered?
How do you think we feel? Lol this contest was the main reason I pre ordered beside the obvious benefit of playing early. But now I kinda feel robbed if it’s true. $30 extra down the drain for basically just a horse, a skin & to play a few days early.

Anyone know if I start a new character as soon as full release hits if I’d be included?


The very first link returned is…

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