DIABLO 4 Fenris error!

Hey blizzard can’t even play Diablo 4 anymore since this Fenris error keeps crashing my game . Its to the point now that I lose Nightmare Sigils and cant do anything about it.
Released a patch and done nothing to address this issue

Yes I updated my bios I reinstalled your game.
and no its not my system i have a RTX 4070TI and im playing on Medium settings just to hope to avoid this crashing issue and NOTHING 120 to 60 nothing HDR off nothing. yes I went to reddit and I did all the steps in these random YouTube videos. The internet cant help anymore BIZZARD FIX THE GAME PLEASE. Ill have to quit until this issue is fixed HOPFULLY its in time before season starts.

Why are you posting this on the Diablo I forums?

A simple search…

The very first link returned…

Alternatively, at the top of the forums…