Diablo 4 Early Beta Access - Impression (my journey)

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to share my experiences playing the Diablo 4 beta early access! As a longtime fan of the series, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the chance to dive into the next installment and see how it’s shaping up.

So far, I’ve spent several hours exploring the older version of the game’s dark and foreboding world, battling hordes of demons, and uncovering the secrets of Sanctuary. The graphics looks promising, with incredible attention to detail in the environments and character models.

As I continue my journey through Diablo 4, I will be paying close attention to several key areas:

  • Player choice and agency
  • Skill tree
  • Itemization
  • Character customization
  • Playstyle (I’m currently focusing on playing as a ranged sorcerer)
  • Mechanics and gameplay systems
  • Open-world zones
  • Adventure options

While I will keep an eye out for bugs and glitches, I am confident that the game’s test team is working hard to identify and fix any issues. My main focus will be different and I will check if I can explore and enjoy the game to the fullest.

I look forward to discussing my experiences with all of you and hearing your own thoughts and feedback. Let’s dive into the world of Diablo 4 together!

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It would be great if I could have a beta code as I started playing Diablo back in 1996.

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Okay, but why are you posting this in a Diablo I forum?

Use these…

How have have you been playing for hours? it went live 10 minutes ago and the launcher is still saying “this game cannot be played yet”

you’ll want to go into task manager and end blizzard updater as well as the bnet app, then relaunch.

Hey guys and gals- I logged in right at 12 est, was able to play for about 15 mins - then was randomly dc’d.

Now I’m in a que for 75+ mins. Anyone else having that problem?


Yep - loads of us are in the d/c-restart-queue - hence the time. I’m sitting pretty at 77 minutes right now. Hate to miss such fun waiting in line, but I have a class to attend in an hour :expressionless:

Yikes. Talk about timing :(. Sorry mate.

Good ol beta testing for ya. Surely they knew they needed crazy server support for all the folks logging in. I think I’m down to right under an hour now in que. Started at 76 mins I believe

53 minutes and counting. Expect double this next weekend for sure.

After a solid 90 mins of play (after a 130 queue time), I’m happy to report that I feel like i’m back in 1996! This is freaking fantastic. Yes, a bit buggy and glitchy, but they’ll work it out. I do really, really wish they hadn’t built it to require an online connection (hosting LAN parties in D1 wasted away my college years), but I can understand why they have to do that these days. Thank you Blizzard, this is a great gift!

atleast in diablo1 it was not FPS can’t zoom out at all and we can’T see anything i feel the mini map is to zoom in, same for actual screen … i reach 25 than close the game and if its not fix before release 6/6/2023 i get a refund no worth playing a FPS