Diablo 4 Beta Accessibility

I tried all classes and I struggled. I have old eyes, but I could hardly see my character through the overwhelming FOG…everything looked gray, washed out and colorless and my Nvidia filter didn’t work to increase contrast and clarity. I was very sad I couldn’t see all those art assets that went into the game. I couldn’t find my party leader…there was nothing to identify the team…not even ground circles under the group though I’d prefer a indicator over their head. At least as a necro I could turn on health bar to identify my skeletons but it wasn’t that helpful in the end.
D4 is not up to parity with other games…seems like there was insufficient accessibility design and thought. My party lead should be easily identifiable and he wasn’t. I couldn’t locate my place on the in-game map without my magnifying glass and my toon marker was small and dim … I could go on and on. My monitor is set to 3440x1440 and that makes things small but I should be able to compensate with other in-game tools to enlarge integral aspects of the game (I can with other games). The beta was a difficult experience but I persevered. The character outline was a good feature, but it should be somewhat customizable in thickness. I’m a sad camper.
I believe I have a very high end computer/monitor set-up -
AW3423DWF (3440x1440@60Hz)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080
I am/was bummed.
The accessibility options provided do not properly address the issues encountered by folks that are visually impaired. It’s fixable … as other games have shown. I’m hoping for a resolution. Thank you!

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This forum is not really the place to get your feedback heard. You would want to email the Accessibility team who can pass it on to the Developers.

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From Gold Mind to prison Diablo 4 three betas.

I played all three times the Diablo 4 beta came out. I have over 20 years of playing Diablo. Mostly 1 and 2 I found Diablo 3 very pedestrian and so balance it sucked the F in Fun right out of the game. It was the potential for OP in one weapon drop that made the game one of the most fun and gold mine type of dungeons I ever played. After I sucked every last playability out of Diablo 2 I kind of new fun was coming to an end… But for the first time I felt like there was hope, I stumbled into the Beta with low expectations and the Changes were amazing! No longer did I have to ditch a beloved legendary weapon to the scrap heap. Now it’s essence can live on and even make another epic weapon that I fancy into legendary with that same beloved effect! HEAVON! EUREKA! So why all the kvetching! Well, it’s like this the third Beta release on 5/13- 5/14 they dialed down the legendary drop SOOOO MUCH!!! It was grind City! Boss difficulty appeared to increase which means longer fights and the DROPS WERE PITIFUL! UUUGGG! 15 Minutes of amazing skill grinding out a victory for complete garbage. In fact, the drops seemed SO CONTROLED. Like we want you to GRIND AND GRIND and then we will throw you a bone in LIKE a FEW YEARS! I wonder if they have some sort of subscription planned??? Shoot I shouldn’t say that so loud those greedy bastards might hear me. SO HERE IS MY upshot… If you like to go to a gold mine and have the thrill of finding gold and want to dig and sift for months to get 6 grains of sand… WELCOME TO DIABLO 4, they have dialed up the RUIN GAME factor and ruined quite possibly the best game ever made…

I want to thank you so much for responding to my post. I have sent an email to the correct group and I’m taking a positive, hopeful attitude. Thank you again.