Diablo 4 - Approach to char balancing is a major red flag

I appreciate Blizzard trying to listen to the community’s feedback from the open betas and implement character balancing before the Server Slam.
However, the approach Blizzard took is very concerning.

We all know there were some pretty OP builds in the open beta, mainly between the sorc and the necro. There were many approaches Blizzard could have taken to balance these out, but they simply went so heavily on the opposite direction with the nerf that those builds became unplayable during the Server Slam. There was no compromise, no middle ground, there was only a very obvious over compensation that felt very amateur.

For example: Many players complained that the sorc chain lightning build was too strong, with which I agree (to some degree). At that time, I assumed blizzard would balance this skill by changing one of the following: skill base damage, number of bounces, or the modifier when a lightning bounces off of you. However, Blizzard went overboard and nerfed all three criteria (with pretty significant nerfs as well). The build went from borderline-overpowered, to complete underpowered.

If this is the approach Blizzard will take to balancing classes, I’m afraid D4 will be in the rearview mirror pretty soon.