Diablo 4 API / In-game Data Request

**Hey there, I’m looking to build a full scale Diablo 4 desktop / mobile application that comprises of many different features such as news, data, build planners and more, eventually becoming the ultimate companion app / community for the game.

The application is already started, however I don’t have access to the Beta / Item APIs that I need in order to move forward on the site. I was wondering whether there was anything in place in order to me to access the in-game data in order to make the correct tools for the community.

If you have any questions for me or if there is anything I can do to make it any easier / get things going then I’m more than willing to help.



+1 but just for my personal api data extraction

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also following for updates

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Up indeed :grinning:
And here goes some long text just to pass validation of required 20 symbols text

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Almost 2k views and radio silence from Blizz, getting a D4 API is not looking good. A simple yes or no would suffice.

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I’m also working on a webapp that would require api access to retrieve player data and ingame progress. I hope we will see an api like that after launch.

+1. It would be great to have a few days lead time with the API before launch. I hope to have a tool live ASAP with actual accurate data from Blizzard. Does anyone know how long it typically takes from launch until an API is live?

Still no news on this?.. Release is soon!

yea good luck getting one lol

We’re (early release) live, any insight as to if an API endpoint will be made available?

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+1 would be very interested in having an api, specifically interested in access to inventory/equipped items and talents

I am interested too since there was an API for D3 :wink:

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Are there any plans to open up the Diablo4 API?
It would be cool to be able to easily share skill trees or paragon boards between users.

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+1 there, would love to be able to build some fun app/website around the game.

Bump. Just adding text in this box to follow thread.

Yes, I would like to see the world boss/current world events on a endpoint.

Has there been any traction on this? Replies? Anything?

I’m hoping this is something that comes around later (because as people have pointed out there is a Diablo 3 API). The game is missing a few basic things like being able to change a char name and being able to track completed quests so guessing they’ll add functionality like that to the game/battlenet and also an API later.

Super cheeky question to OP, could I ask what you’re building your companion app in? I was thinking of doing something similar but with an older API - maybe Diablo 3 or maybe even for Destiny or something- just for the practice (as I know already great resources exist for those things).

This would be amazing, I’m surprised this is not a feature already. Would be fun even to just play around with some personal web app projects with D4 data, whether it gets hosted or not.


Highly needed, please provide a nice API :slight_smile: :grin: