Diablo 4 API - D4Armory

Does anyone have any documentation about the Blizzard API for Diablo 4?

There is a site called D4Armory dot io.

It seems like there is a working API and it is possible to get information such as character stats, items, etc.

Does anyone have any documentation or can tell me what information about a player’s account is actually available to pull?

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there is no d4 api yet we have had no announcement for one yet keep watching the forums for the update “IF” we get one

and i think that site uses scraped data or a client addon or something

Yeah sure… where is it scraping the data from?

shrugs no idea, all i know is that there is no official api yet, so there data comes from unofficial means.

Keep an eye on the forums here for an announcement for api endpoints “IF” we get an api at all


Shrugs the only way right now to get information about the game is not scraping but reverse-engine or inject inside the game to get information. And i don’t encourage you to do this because is a violation license and term. About the Boss spawn, helltide and Legion you can make a calcul to know when is gonna spawn and expected spawn.

It feel like considering the lack of manageability’s with the clan features and the excruciating pain that this is causing, having an API should be kind of mandatory at that point… and just to be clear, it should be open to everyone, not only the “bro” club of selected D4 Partners… even if Blizzard doesn’t seem to be enforcing (or arbitrarily) the “No Reverse Engineering” rules of their terms of uses very much, not everyone want to have to mess around with Ghidra and Ollydbg… instead of focusing on building their communities, like I get the challenge and all, but it shouldn’t be that complicated to get access to the Data like these guys are doing.

Like it isn’t just a leaderboard matter, the whole social aspect of the game is lacking and having access to basic information from a clan perspective (clan & friend chars list, clan & friend char info, clan & friend char online status, clan & friend items list per char, last date of activity, last acheivement date, who invited who, etc, etc), and that would not only help us, but also Blizzard by freeing time onto other topic that communities managers and communities developers can’t deal with because of perimeter issues; ie: in-game bugs, etc.

Why is there so much constriction on the social aspect… as if it was designed to keep us, in small faction, isolated in our sandbox… please ! Break these chain and set us free :confused:

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+1 to this! let us have access!

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+1, where are the ingame api ?

We still want ingame API for D4…

Give us the ability to improve the game plz…