Diablo 4 (although there isn't a forum listed)

I’m a Rogue lvl 73. I am trying to get to Torment with maxed out lvl 60 armor.

I would like to have a better understanding of why and how the scaling works so I can enjoy and trust that the game system works and I’ll get to WT4. I want to get there so I can have the best gear possible once season 1 ends. I am wondering now if that will happen at all. The game says that I’m one step from “Season Champion” because all my dungeons are done and all the tier steps have been completed. So if the game says all I have to do it complete the Torment Capstone…why can’t I do it? At the moment I’m grinding my way to lvl 75 to see if that will help me kill Elias. Changing my Paragon points and switching out my gear to have one or two power point increases more isn’t a viable option. I’ll stop playing if that’s all that’s left to do. I want to know if this is something that will be fixed or not. I have totally enjoyed playing D4 until this point. Everyone plays to get the best gear possible…if that stops, then why would anyone play? I haven’t seen anything above level 60 as far as armor and weapons. I grind the Sigil dungeons…I do the Whispers, World bosses, legions and weeklies…but why isn’t anything I need dropping? If I go to WT4 with lvl 60 armor…that probably won’t be ANY fun at all!!! One shot and dead possibly. Please answer this for me. I really enjoyed the game up until this point. It’s so clever and well thought out with so many great ways to enjoy playing…I want to keep playing. Also, Dev.s I’d really like a clear and easy to understand answer…w/o acronyms…just clear and concise please. Thanks in advance.

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