Diablo 3 on PS4

Good day.
It is possible to use API for receive data from account diablo 3 created on PS4?

As specified in the official documentation you need the account id and hero id to fetch data. Probably as long as you have the battle net account linked to the console account you should be able to use the api.

I don’t understand, what i must set by account variable?
When I set BattleTagID From PC Account - It’s work!
But when I write my PS 4 Account Name - I didn’t fetch anything but error - 404 Not Found
BattleTagID PC: I wrote with “-” instead “#”, and this work.
But PS4 Account hasn’t any number after account name. So i wrote it whithout “-” and anything else after account name.

So… How can i fetch data for ps4 account? In “official documentation” I didn’t find anything about this problem or solution.

Perhaps I assumed something about the API that is incorrect. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

Exactly my point, there is no exception on the docs saying the API only works for PC users, so I assumed your PS4 characters would be somehow integrated to your battle net account and you could fetch data from them using the method you described with the battletag.

If your battle net is linked to your PS4 account as shown in this guide and you still can’t access those characters, then I guess there is no integration and you can’t fetch them. Unfortunately I won’t be able to help as I only play PC games.

Only a D3 or API dev can answer this question properly. Just wait a little and probably you’ll soon have the answer you are looking for.