Diablo 3 non seasonal rebirthed cannot challenge rift


step 1 - Make non seasonal account

step 2 - Challenge rift and claim bounty

step 3 - rebirth character from step 1-2

step 4 - try to challenge rift and claim bounty, UNABLE because says already did it

(but this was during non seasonal, which shouldn’t count because all items are deleted after rebirth!)

The correct sequence should be…

  1. Rebirth your non-seasonal hero into a level 1 seasonal hero
  2. Complete the Challenge Rift
  3. Log into your seasonal hero (the one you rebirthed)
  4. Collect the challenge rift cache

The reason you cannot do it in the sequence you described is because at the time you completed the Challenge Rift, the hero you wanted to rebirth was still non-seasonal. That means they did not exist as a seasonal hero at the time the Challenge Rift was completed and so cannot collect the cache as seasonal.

By the way, none of which matters, because you’re posting about this on the Diablo I forums instead of the Diablo III forums…

…and what you’re describing isn’t a fault.