Diablo 3 for developers

Please developers of Diablo 3 balance the game, this system is very poorly balanced, sets that were once good are now rubbish and we always see everyone with the same builds, do as in d2 create items that can only be obtained in seasons, otherwise everyone will give up playing out of season, imagine for example the altar that gives a lot of bonuses that only in season (as is the case in the current one) the advantage of playing in the season is absurdly large, so no one will want to play out of season or the Balancing seasons is absurd, if so, make the player fill the altar in the season and continue with the off-season players, this way it would keep the players still interested in playing with characters from the off-season. For many who have never followed Diablo from the beginning they may not understand, but for those who have already played they will soon realize that there is a bad balance, and in items too, in d2 we see countless different and powerful builds, but in d3 this never happens, it is all world practically using the same build, as other items are nerfed, we see that it is not possible to have much power using other sets, set dh for example from the shadows, who uses it? It is only used if by chance some season increases the status of this set, then everyone will start using it and others will be ignored. Please change this, I let there be more variables in the game.