Diablo 3 Bug / technical issue


Since yesterday, i am facing an issue regarding Diablo 3 crashing ( or for the most part not even starting ). The problem mostly looks like this. I start the game ( when possible), after getting through the login check, i try to then get into the game( adventure mode or campagne, it really doesnt matter). My game then crashes in the loading screen, leaving me with the massage" Diablo III tetected corrupted data and was unable to automatically repair the damage. Please run Scan and Repair using the Battle.net Application. It can be found in the Options menu for the game.“So far so good. So then i tried doing that, which resulted in the scanning process crashing, showing me this massage “Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot” with the Error code:
(BLZBNTAGT00000BB8). I already tried a couple of things to fix it. Like for example reinstalling Diablo III, updating my graphics driver and my windows, reinstalling the Battle.net launcher multiple times, deactivating my firewall, temporarily uninstalling my antivirus stuff. But as u might be able to tell by me making this, it didnt fix it xD. I really hope that u have something to fix it ^^”, thanks in advance. Another interesting thing i tried out is starting the game right after at reached playable while installing. Suprisingly enough it seemed to work. I could legit go into the game, do rifts and everything. thought after the download finished i found myself having the same problems again :/.

Oh yeah i almost forgot. There is actually a second kind of crash massage that leaves this code behind " 9D35D972-5E08-4F1D-A83F-ACE22C7877DE "
saying that i should use if i ever contacted Blizzard about it.

You are posting on the Diablo 1 forums. If you wish assistance with Diablo 3 you want to post on the Diablo 3 tech support forum.

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