Diablo 2 Version Error!? Plz help can’t play

I just bought Diablo 2 and LOD and can’t play online :frowning:

I’ve been trying to install Diablo on a 2020 PC and it’s been tough lol

I’ve finally got both D2 and LOD installed and it took me hours with the new 26 character CD key bs but now I finally got it installed and I can’t get in battle net ?

This error keeps popping up ?

I have run as administrator
How do I fix this ?

I really wanna play D2 again just for old times

If you could help me that would be greatly appreciated.

It won’t let me post pics or even add a link for some reason

But it says “ unable to properly identify your application version“

Hey SHSG44,

There’s an issue with the USEast and Europe realms where the server won’t push the 1.14d patch to the client when connecting for the first time. There’s a thread about this here.

Essentially you need to get the 1.14d patch first before you can connect to those two realms. There are two ways to do this.

  1. Connect to Asia to get the 1.14d update. Once it installs, you can disconnect and go back to the realm you intended to play on. If you run into trouble with that,
  2. Manually download and install 1.14d. See this post for the details. Be sure to install the matching update for what you have installed (D2 vs LoD), which in your case would be the LoD patch.

connect to asia, where it says either useast or uswest/europe it will update through that one

wow i wish i could have seen this solution like an hour ago