[Diablo 2] Suddenly not able to connect to Battle.net

I’ve been playing Diablo 2 on my current ISP for years, now today all of the sudden I’m not able to connect. I was playing two days ago at home without problems.

“Checking versions…”, “You were disconnected from Battle.net. Please reconnect.”

I noticed the problem today at work on the lunch break, figured I’d do a few MF runs now that US-East Ladder doesn’t have a 15+ minute queue. Tried all realms, even open battle.net, same thing. After I got home, I tried my home connection, same problem. Both used to work just fine, now both aren’t working. Both the home and work connections are through the same ISP. I know for a fact that the cause is not VPN or proxy use in either location. I’ve been playing on lunch breaks at work for the past few years, even though it’s technically a business class internet connection. Even if VPN/business class internet from work was the cause, it should not affect the home connection, unless of course my CD keys were also restricted.

The only other thing that I use in both locations is Sven’s Glide Wrapper, which I’ve also been using for years.

I just fired up my laptop which has a different CD key set and tried to connect from my home ISP, same problem. Also using Sven’s Glide Wrapper on the laptop.

Only two things I can think of:
1: Both my work and home connection have suddenly been flagged as a business ISP.
2: Using Sven’s Glide Wrapper is now a restrictable offense.

What is going on?


Would a rep be kind enough to confirm what is going on with this case? I just tried again, same thing, so I’m assuming it’s a two week suspension, however I’d like to know the end date and the exact cause be it VPN/business class or due to detection of a program. This will help me confirm what the problem is/was. Thanks.

I’m more inclined to believe it’s more likely due to a business connection rather than using Sven’s Glide Wrapper simply because there hasn’t been a huge surge in reports in roughly the same timeframe as when I countered the problem.

Estimating the restriction to end October 2nd, as it is two weeks from the last time I tried connecting at work.

Hey TheDarkJedi,

It does look like the restriction was triggered due to logging in from a business connection. The IP address you’re posting from now is just fine and shows up as a normal residential ISP connection. The other IP address I can see logging into your Battle.net account shows up as a business connection, so I assume that is the IP from your work.

Wish I could give you more info about what changed recently, but we don’t really have a way to see how an IP flagging might have changed.

The restriction lifts on October 3rd, so end of day on the 3rd and you should be able to play connect to Battle.net again from home.

Thank you for the reply.

I’m curious though… I tried connecting with a different PC with a different keyset bound to the same Blizzard account from my home, and it was affected by the same issue… Does connecting with a business account not only flag the IP you’re on, but also flag the D2 game keys (even if there are two or more sets) bound to the same Blizzard account?

VPN restriction = IP only.
Business Connection restriction = IP and any Diablo 2 keys bound to the same Blizzard account.

I understand the curiosity, but we’re not able to go into details about how the restrictions work.

The restrictions are there to prevent “bad” (non legitimate) users from connecting in order to curb botting, cheating, etc.
We don’t want to give away information that could potentially be used to compromise their effectiveness.


I’m crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: that a nice juicy update/announcement is coming up that addresses all of these issues that are plaguing this game. I’m sure you guys get tired of answering the same questions over and over. A permanent fix for these issues would be welcomed by everyone on both sides of the fence.

Anyways, thanks again for the replies. Have a good day!

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I have the exact same issue as The DarkJedi One day I could play. The next day I couldn’t. Has been that way for weeks

It would be best for you to start your own thread. This one has already been looked over and answered by a Blizzard rep, so your inquiry may go unanswered.

I was afraid I’d have to do that. Thanks

Closing this up since the OP’s question was answered.

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